Our laundry room is small in size, and our builder only left us a 8 foot wall behind our washer and dryer for shelving. When we first moved in I added 4 wire framed shelves – it gave us something to store detergent, hangars, towels, etc.

It served it’s purpose, but we needed to add additional shelving. So I created another wall (studded and drywalled) to add more.

I began with 2x4s – 16” on centre as always. I used pink gasket ‘Foam-SealR’ which gives a thermal break between the wood and the concrete. You will notice that I used pressure treated wood for the bottom plate – our builder did this throughout our house.

I wanted to add power, so I installed 2 electrical outlets – I ran wire to the outlets, but didn’t hook them up. Once we finish our basement I will do a proper electrical run (on a separate circuit) to these outlets.

Drywall, patching and sanding were next – which was the most time consuming part. I left the drywall unpainted for now.

The wire shelving was next – Rubbermaid makes the shelving (bought at Home Depot), and it was easy to install.

This entire project took about 10 hours to do, and cost approximately $220.