If you need to install an LCD screen in an area that doesn’t have studs accessible to anchor the mount(s), then this post should help you out.

There are two windows (on each side) where the LCD mount needed to be installed. The mount being used is a Monster articulating LCD mount, and it only requires two anchor bolts – it is meant for a 26″ screen and under. In addition, there was a glass (two shelf) component system that was being mounted below the screen. Unfortunately there were no studs in the middle to allow for proper anchoring of the mount and the shelving unit.

In order to handle the weight, a piece of wood was needed to tie into the studs. I purchased a piece of pine from Home Depot for $20. Holes were pre-drilled and counter-sunk – then 3″ construction screws were used to secured the pine panel to the studs.

The counter-sunk holes were filled in, and two coats of paint were applied. After the paint dried, the LCD mount and glass shelving unit were secured to the pine panel. The unit is strong and sturdy – no problems over the last 2 months.