The builder didn’t provide anything to mount accessories around the electrical panel. Most builders (obviously not all) give a plywood surface to mount the phone demarcation point and satellite/cable lines.

Since organization makes life easier, …a plywood panel needed to be installed.

This was a little more involved than just adding a piece of plywood behind the panel. The electrical panel was mounted to the basement (concrete) walls with metal mounts – so there was nothing for the plywood to attach to. The only piece of wood present was a pressure treated 2×10 for organizing the electrical lines running into the panel.

Creativity was needed :)

2×4’s were used in building support for the plywood – they tied into the upper floor joists and the 2×10 pressure treated piece. Installing the support in this manner allows for space behind the plywood to run the power and data lines.

Wire loom was used to organize all the Cat5e wire (phone). A Leviton Structured Media box was used to organize and terminate all communication lines.

The existing power outlet on the panel was reinstalled, and a new power bar was plugged into it. The modem, network storage, and basement phone where placed on a simple shelving solution I purchased from Home Depot.

The entire project cost $65 and about 4 hours of time to construct.