After installing the patio in the backyard, I wanted to carry that same design to the front. We have a narrow driveway and cannot park side-by-side – best solution is to extend the driveway width with pre-cast patio stones. I was adding 4 feet.

Using Illustrator, I mocked up a design. Just like the patio in the backyard, the biggest issue was excavating dirt. Luckily most of the soil I was excavating was put in by the builder – so it was soft and easy to shovel out.

Since a vehicle was going to be parked on top of the stones, I needed to go down a minimum of 8” to support the weight. Again, I used high performance bedding (HPB) for the substrate – very easy to work with.

Using the 2×4 method allowed me to get all the proper angles for water drainage. After laying the stones, I used polymer sand to fill in the gaps

After a harsh 2013/14 winter, I did notice that some of the stones heaved – which broke apart the polymer grout lines.

However, over the course of the spring months the stones settled to their original position – but I needed to re-apply the polymer sand to fill some spots.