I purchased an older Evinrude 2hp boat motor (model E2RCNE), and I wanted an easy way to store and service it – the obvious solution is to build a motor stand/dolly.

I started off with a ‘movers dolly’ from Princess Auto – it was made of hardwood and on sale for $14. This gave me a solid base to work from.

From there I built upon the base with 1x4s, 2x4s, and 2x6s. Everything was glued and screwed together. I stained the entire unit with leftover Behr deck stain to protect from water damage – the motor dolly will get wet when you are servicing the motor.

Surprisingly the stand/dolly is very strong – it easily handles the weight of the motor. If I decide to upgrade to a bigger motor, I have no doubts that this stand/dolly can provide support for the extra weight.