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  • Xbox 360 is back up and running

    I shipped the Xbox 360 back to Microsoft Monday. It arrived Tuesday morning at the repair facility in Toronto, and the repair was done Tuesday afternoon. It was shipped out Tuesday night, and back at my door by 11am Wednesday morning. Wow, fast service –…

  • Xbox 360 freeze, and the Red Rings of Death

    Xbox 360 freeze, and the Red Rings of Death

    We’ve had our Xbox 360 since December 2006, and we have loved every minute of it. It is a great console, and fun to play on. However after playing FEAR, our 360 just froze for no apparent reason. I turned it off, then back on,…

  • Been busy

    Sorry, I’ve been really busy with getting the house ready for the market. No time for blogging :( The house goes on the market this weekend (Feb. 2nd), so once it is up and on the MLS system, I may have time to jump back…

  • Saturn SW1 service engine soon light

    Saturn SW1 service engine soon light

    The SES light came on. The OBD-II code that is being thrown is P1404 – which deals with the EGR valve being left in a closed position. Which means I might have to pull the EGR and clean it out with carb cleaner – there…

  • OBD 2 Scanner off eBay

    OBD 2 Scanner off eBay

    Just came today, now I can read the codes that are being thrown in our Saturn SW1. I can also use it for the HHR.

  • iPhone Clone – the CECT P168

    iPhone Clone – the CECT P168

    My blackberry has been acting up, and I decided to go with a new phone. I bought it off eBay for a great price. It arrived today in the mail, and I had a few hours to play around with it. So far, I’ve been…

  • Making lunches for the week – Am I this crazy?

    Making lunches for the week – Am I this crazy?

    In an effort to save money (because buying lunches everyday can get VERY expensive) I am really picky about making something for lunch at work. Think of it, … average of $7 a day, 5 days a week = $35. $35 x 4 weeks is…

  • Saturn SW1 comes home

    Saturn SW1 comes home

    Came back at 7pm tonight. Runs terrific on the highway. Has a lot of options – power windows, power mirrors, keyless, A/C, power hatch release, etc. etc. Very pleased with it :)

  • 1999 Saturn SW1

    1999 Saturn SW1

    We found one in terrific condition with 149,000kms, and got a great price on it from a dealership in Scarborough. This is the best time (now until Christmas) because everyone is getting ready to buy gifts, and not looking to buy autos. So things are…

  • Used car search

    Used car search

    Since we got rid of my wife’s car lease thru a lease transfer, we are looking for a simple little car ($2500-$3000 range) to go from point A to point B. We have the HHR as the “good” car, so this new/old car we get…

  • 2007-2008 Toronto Maple Leafs

    2007-2008 Toronto Maple Leafs

    Been watching the NHL pre-season games on Leafs TV, and I’ve got to say that the Leafs don’t look to bad at all. The Sundin and Blake line looks good. :) Maybe we’ll make the playoffs this year?

  • Best T-Shirt ever!

    Best T-Shirt ever!

    My free t-shirt from Vista Print arrived today. They were running a promotion, pay for $5 shipping, and they’ll give you a free t-shirt print. So it’s not exactly free, but a good deal for sure. I’ll let the picture speak for itself.

  • 2007 Vesters Horseshoe Tournament

    2007 Vesters Horseshoe Tournament

    Well, today I took part in the 33rd (yes that’s right, …33 years) Annual Vesters Horseshoe Tournament. This is my second year attending it, and it is always full of good times, lots of beer, and great food. In my second year attending it, I…

  • 2007 Chevrolet HHR

    2007 Chevrolet HHR

    Well, …I did it. I got an HHR. I just picked her up from the dealership. It’s a 5 speed, with a 2.2L Ecotec engine. It is a great ride, and fun to drive. I wanted to have a little more room, and a hatch-back…

  • Toronto Zoo pictures

    Toronto Zoo pictures

    We went to the zoo back on the 4th of August, but I’m just getting around to organizing the 260 pictures I took. Here are a few.

  • Canada Day fireworks

    Canada Day fireworks

    Happy Canada Day! In the tradition of my neighborhood, they have a Canada Day fireworks display followed up by a massive street party. The entire crescent gets shut down, blocks all traffic, and everyone has a great time. I had to take a picture of…

  • Stiletto Chopper

    Stiletto Chopper

    Well, one of the houses about 10 blocks from my house was having a yard sale, and I just happened to drive by while I was taking my Impala out for a rear rotor “brake-in” test drive. Something caught my eye… …I saw a Giant…

  • Rear Impala Rotors + Brakes

    After I replaced the front rotors a few weeks ago, I still had that annoying pulsation. That meant the back rotors were the culprit, not the front :( So, I ordered up some rear rotors off ebay. They came in yesterday, and I installed them…

  • CCAE Bronze medal

    Just found out today that David (co-worker at Durham College) and I received a CCAE bronze medal for an Audio/Visual project we did last summer. CCAE is an organization that allows many Canadian colleges and universities to submit their projects, (like print material, brochures, multimedia,…

  • Replacing Rotors + Brakes on the Chev Impala

    Replacing Rotors + Brakes on the Chev Impala

    I’ve been having a pulsating feeling in the brake pedal for about 1.5 months now. Actually, ever since I got the Impala from Bill Nurse (dealership) back in April 2006, I had a noise coming from the passenger side brake suring regular driving. I even…

  • New bicycle –  The Raleigh Chopper

    New bicycle – The Raleigh Chopper

    Ok, I’ve been thinking about getting a new bike for the summer – or “a” bike for the summer, because I don’t have one. Been throwing around the idea for about 3-4 months now, because I’d like to get some exercise outdoors. Also, I’d like…

  • Pontiac Vibe

    Pontiac Vibe

    Today I went and test drove a new 2007 Pontiac Vibe. It was very nice. Right now I have a 2003 Chevrolet Impala LS. First off, …the Impala is a great car, lots of power, big, safe, and a great stereo system. …you’re probably thinking…

  • Building the shed

    Building the shed

    Sunday, day 2 of the shed build; and the last day. Today my Grandfather and I built the shed base floor, anchored it to the slabs, then erected the rest of the shed. The instructions for this shed are a disgrace. It looked like it…

  • Building a shed base

    Building a shed base

    Well, with the weather being so nice, it’s that time of year again to start the summer projects. One of my projects this year is to erect a storage shed for gardening/patio stuff. With the help of my Grandfather, 12 concrete slabs, and 1/2 yard…