Well, one of the houses about 10 blocks from my house was having a yard sale, and I just happened to drive by while I was taking my Impala out for a rear rotor “brake-in” test drive. Something caught my eye…

…I saw a Giant Stiletto bicycle chopper in the yard sale. I had to stop. I took one look at it, …and I had to have it. It looked brand spanking new! The people that had it were young couple with no kids, so it wasn’t abused. I ended up talking the guy down to $40. Insane, these bikes retail for $500+ in the store; …if you can find one. They don’t make them anymore.

On top of that, it came with a wicked old-school style chopper helmet. Bonus! :)

So I brought it home, and took it for a ride around the block. It is awesome. This thing is huge! Well over 6 feet in length.

I’m going to look forward to taking this out for rides in the summer. :)

Only sad thing is that I have to get rid of my Raleigh Chopper – the wife doesn’t want to ride it, so I’m going to have to flip it for a profit on kijiji or craig’s list.

Stiletto Chopper Stiletto Chopper