Since we got rid of my wife’s car lease thru a lease transfer, we are looking for a simple little car ($2500-$3000 range) to go from point A to point B. We have the HHR as the “good” car, so this new/old car we get can have high mileage, dings, dents, etc. Not going to be too picky.

We are, however, looking for a 1994-1999 Saturn Station Wagon (SW1 or SW2). Why? …because I will only own hatchback style vehicles from hereon – once you have a hatchback, you’ll never go back. Plus Saturns have plastic body panels, and are dent resistance – like the Fiero, which is a BIG bonus. We’ve seen a few, but they are lacking for sure. They seem to be very hard to find, at least ones in our price range – and without the “Service Engine Soon” light being on :S

Here is one of the Saturns we looked at on the weekend; it was a 1995 SW1 for $1500 from a dealership in Scarborough. I like this style better than the 1996 version, which is when Saturn changed the look.

The body was great (no surprise there), but it had some bad frame rot on the driver’s side door rail, the interior was dirty as hell and marked up, plus the SES light was on all the time. I think we’ll be waiting for a couple of weeks until the right one rolls along…

1995 Saturn SW1 for $1500 in Scarborough