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  • Off for 3 weeks

    Off for 3 weeks

    I’m off work (on vacation) for 3 weeks starting today. So be sure to check the blog, I’ll be posting lots off stuff since I have all this time on my hands :)

  • Another house update – footings have been completed

    Another house update – footings have been completed

    Swung by again today, and the they completed pouring the concrete in the footings. Take a look.

  • More updates on the new house

    More updates on the new house

    They poured a small amount of concrete for one of the footings, and the molds for the foundation arrived – they are the pieces of sheet metal in the large baskets.

  • House update – foundation

    House update – foundation

    I stopped by the house, and they have laid the wood mouldings for the foundation. No concrete yet, but I imagine that will probably begin next week.

  • New house update – pictures

    New house update – pictures

    I’ll be popping by the house pretty much every other day now, and I’ll be bringing my camera with me. Here are some pictures of the hole that we’ve deemed the “pit”. They’ve started the footing moulds for the house next to ours, so I’m…

  • New house update – they broke ground

    Drove past the house today, and they just broke the ground over the weekend. Looks like they are preparing to pour the concrete for the footings of the house. Kind of a nice birthday present. :)

  • Happy Birthday to me!

    The big 29 today. Going out for dinner tonight. Should be fun.

  • Poor bird

    Poor bird

    Since the weather has been getting better and the snow is melting, all the junk that was frozen over the winter is starting to surface…. …I found a dead bird beside our deck :( Way back in November 2007, we were watching TV downstairs when…

  • New house update, or lack there of…

    New house update, or lack there of…

    I just drove by the lot today. No progress to report yet – but I snapped two pictures on the camera phone. The winter has been very harsh this year, with all the snow; and that is delaying the construction of our new house. A…

  • Making lunches for the week – Am I this crazy?

    Making lunches for the week – Am I this crazy?

    In an effort to save money (because buying lunches everyday can get VERY expensive) I am really picky about making something for lunch at work. Think of it, … average of $7 a day, 5 days a week = $35. $35 x 4 weeks is…

  • New house

    New house

    Well, couldn’t pass this up. We just signed our lives away for a new house. 2609 sq. ft. (1100 sq. ft. more than ours now), amazing floor plan, and the price was incredible. We move in September 11th (yes, the 11th) 2008. The pic below…

  • 2007 Chevrolet HHR

    2007 Chevrolet HHR

    Well, …I did it. I got an HHR. I just picked her up from the dealership. It’s a 5 speed, with a 2.2L Ecotec engine. It is a great ride, and fun to drive. I wanted to have a little more room, and a hatch-back…

  • One year anniversary

    Wow, it has been a year. Seems like last month we were just getting ready for the wedding. Time flies when you are having fun. :) We are spending the weekend in Niagara Falls to celebrate. I’m actually typing this in the Niagara hotel room…

  • Toronto Zoo pictures

    Toronto Zoo pictures

    We went to the zoo back on the 4th of August, but I’m just getting around to organizing the 260 pictures I took. Here are a few.

  • CCAE Bronze medal

    Just found out today that David (co-worker at Durham College) and I received a CCAE bronze medal for an Audio/Visual project we did last summer. CCAE is an organization that allows many Canadian colleges and universities to submit their projects, (like print material, brochures, multimedia,…

  • Pontiac Vibe

    Pontiac Vibe

    Today I went and test drove a new 2007 Pontiac Vibe. It was very nice. Right now I have a 2003 Chevrolet Impala LS. First off, …the Impala is a great car, lots of power, big, safe, and a great stereo system. …you’re probably thinking…

  • 42 inches of LCD goodness…

    42 inches of LCD goodness…

    We’ll, I couldn’t pass this deal up. 42″ LCD for under $700; they were clearing them out and it was an in-store deal at Tiger-Direct. They never published it on their website. All I can say is WOW! This thing is so sharp and clear.…

  • Just bought a house!

    Just finished the finalization on buying a house! How is this Fiero related? We’ll, …this house has a 1.5 garage! Booo-Yahhh! The Fiero now has a home! No more storage!


    I’m getting married! Wonder which one will be my first love, …Joeline, or the Fiero. lol Better not let her see this post. lol :)

  • Back in the game

    I’ve landed a new job as a Graphic Designer. Looks like it is good (better than last) paying job too. Everything is back on schedule. :)

  • Lost my job…

    I just lost my job. I’m wondering how this is going to effect the upgrades to the Fiero. We’ll have to wait and see…