I just got this yesterday in the mail. I bought it off eBay about 2 weeks ago for $85 shipped!

This piece of equipment usually goes for $150 – $200 retail for this level of protection, so it was a really good deal. It is also brand new, which makes it even more of a steal. I’ve been using my current chest protector since bantam, which means I’ve been using them for over 12 years.

So it was time to upgrade. So far, I’m really impressed. It is built very well, and seems to have good protection. Although I’m comparing this to my 12 year old set, so anything would be better :)

The main thing is that it is the RIGHT SIZE, and fits my torso properly. I’m a stand-up/hybrid goalie, and I like to move laterally well, and have full motion of my arms. I don’t like playing butterfly, and wearing the MASSIVE equipment that goes along with playing that way.

ITECH 4.8 Goalie Chest Protector