Ok, …with a title like that, …you KNOW it has rant written all over it.

My father in law (one of the nicest men I know) got us free playoff tickets to the Generals game tonight. Unfortunately the Oshawa Generals lost, and were knocked out of the playoffs. Sucks, but it was a good game. So I head back to the car…

I get back to the car, with my wife, and find a ticket on my windshield. Nice. I parked on a street that had about 120 other cars, same parking situation as me, …yet they didn’t have any tickets on them. I wasn’t near a fire hydrant, or near the intersection; there were actually 3 cars ahead, and behind me. Yet they don’t have tickets.

…ok, first off, …F@#K OFF! This is complete bullsh!t. Why do i get a ticket? and not everyone else? Sure, it’s only $20, but give me a F@#KING break. I could have put that $20 to groceries, a night out, gas for my car; not towards a F@#KING MONEY GRAB like parking tickets. I pay enough F@#KING taxes as it is, yet I have to fork out another $20 because I “parked in an unauthorized area”. You know what, …F@#K YOU!

I’ve had it with the city of Oshawa – they want to drive more people to it’s downtown shite-hole, yet they pull stupid stuff like this on people? Oh ya, …I thought parking was free after 6pm on the weekdays? What the F@#K is up with that, eh?

This is the second time I’ve been nailed for a parking ticket in the last 6 months. So those pricks have stolen $40 off me. F@#K YOU Shwa, and your parking tickets.

Now that is a rant.

F@#K YOU Oshawa, and F@#K your parking tickets. Complete BS!