The bane of my existence for the past week and a half is done. The Fiero parts car has been stripped of all the parts I need.

…now, instead of just posting this in the category of “Fiero”, I thought I would also post this in “Rants” because of the stupid pricks that run the scrap metal shops…

…I called up a guy today at 8:45 a.m. and asked him that I’ve got a parts car to pick up. He’s like “is it stripped?”, and I said “yes it is, but you have a lot of things on there that you can make a profit from. Like the rims ($150), the 2.8L V6 core ($200), the engine cradle ($150)”. Then he’s like “well we can’t take cars like that, but I can send a trunk over and you can pay us $30 to take it away”. WTF? I said “Ahh, no. I’ll call someone else”. F@#K YOU, PAL!

I called the next number in the yellow pages, and it was Johnny Junker. The guy was cool, I told him the same thing about it being stripped; and he was cool about it. The wife and I went out to do some grocery shopping, and when we came back, the fiero was gone. Talk about service. :)

Originally I was looking to get like $50 for the car, but it turns out that most scrap metal places won’t take them unless they have all the parts still attached. Johnny Junker was good, the guy was nice, and they came and got the car for no-charge; they’ll still make $150-$250 profit. Oh well…

…if you are in the Durham Region, look up Johnny Junker in the yellow pages under “Automotive”. They are good bunch of guys.

…here are some pictures of the after-math of the tear down. I especially like the coolant that leaked on my garage floor (f@#k sakes), and the f@#king mess of left-over, fallen rust on the floor. Cars are dirty.

Completed Fiero Fiero seats My dirty garage