Finally some more updates on the car. I’m getting fet-up with the lack of progress on it. They’ve missed their deadline by a month. I’m not happy because the summer is wasting away. Everyone else is driving their “hot-rod” and I’m stuck with my crappy Chev Corsica – well, it isn’t crappy, it is a good car :)

I’m just being sour about this :)

Here are the pictures of the painted components, and my 4 speed Muncie transmission that just arrived. It came off a 1985 Fiero with 40,000 kms. So it has lots of life left :) …and, the engine bay is now GOLD! They took it over to the paint shop for a layer of GM NOS Fiero gold paint. Looks sweet!

Various brackets painted Various brackets painted Various parts painted Painted lower plenum Paint 4 speed muncie Painted engine bay Painted engine bay Painted engine bay