In order to successfully mount the main Fiero instrument cluster, I needed to drop the steering column. Once it was disconnected, I could properly mount the gauges. Note that the original location for the “hidden” cluster mount actually maintains alignment – but it’s “underneath” the stock location, rather than “on-top”. The PISA dash slightly lowers the main gauge cluster.

The only downside to this is if I need to change a bulb in the cluster, I’ll need to drop the steering column again. BUT the entire install remains service-able, which is my goal for this installation. I don’t want anything glassed in, or a once-over-install – everything must unscrew/disconnect, …and be rebuilt with ease.

After the cluster was completed, I used one of the old Fiero dash brackets to fabricate a new mount for the driver’s side lower mount-point. With a few extra pieces of metal, I welded together a new bracket. Next step is the passenger side mount-point, that will be next weekend.