This was a pretty big project. I have worked on exhaust systems before, but I’ve never done a total replacement from the headers back.

Total cost on the project was about $400. Not too bad, but I purchased a lot of the exhaust pipes from different sources – that saved on cost, but not on time. I spent many hours fabricating brackets, welding, and trips back-and-forth from the local auto store to purchase clamps, pipe sections, etc.

If I had to do it again, I would buy a complete bolt-up-to-stock system. It might cost me $200 more – but it will save me lots of time in the end. I spent over 2.5 days installing this system – most of my time was consumed by fabrication, learning (like I said, first time doing a full exhaust install), …and being a perfectionist.

I would rather have something that bolts right up, and be done in 4 hours or less. But in the end, it was all fun :)

Mock up the cat fittings Remove the air-con compressor to remove the headers Main pipe with flex is mounted Hook up the rest of the pipes to the cat-converter Weld on the O2 sensor O2 sensor Welding up O2 sensor shield Job is done :) Fabricate the arms for the rubber mounts Arms are in place Intermediate pipe is connected Intermediate pipe is connected Connection pipes to the muffler Muffler is hooked up and I am done!