My model of HHR, the LS model, did not have the option of buttons on the steering wheel for radio control. By buttons, I mean the volume + previous/next controls.

My HHR does have the upgraded sound system that the LT model has, but since it is the LS model, the steering wheel controls are not available :S

WHAT-EVER, …I’ll upgrade it myself :)

For $72 shipped, I got the parts in the mail. I ordered new buttons, a wiring harness, and the grey bezel piece that holds the buttons. So three parts in all – all GM OEM parts.

I just removed the airbag with an allen wrench, pulled out the harness, put in the new buttons, and reconnected the new wiring harness. Started the HHR up, and it worked like a charm :)

This was literally the “easiest” install I have ever done – it took 10 mins. It is awesome, I love having the controls on the steering wheel. It is a lot safer too.

All I need now is the iPOD connector to control my iPOD…….

New harness, bezel, and buttons Use allen wrench to disconnect airbag Pull out the airbag, just let it hang on the wires You need to cut out the old harness to remove it Old versus new Put all back together, looks good, and functional