I managed to get a coat of paint on last night. So today was the second coat – I’m planning on painting three coats total. I’ve been putting them on thin, so they will dry nice and even. I do notice, however, that the paint does cover up a lot of the imperfections in the drywall – which is great. In one of the pics though, you can see I need to go back and sand a little bit to even things out. Painting will show you anything that needs to be addressed.

As you can also see, my Fiero is acting like a work-bench at the moment. I figured I would put a few coats of paint on the trim, cut it, get it installed, and then re-touch any scratches and/or chips. It is far easier to paint it like this, rather than bending down and hoping you paint all of it once it is nailed to the wall.

This step, and step five, are the most time consuming of all because you paint, then you have to wait 3-6 hours before a re-coat. Once this is step is done, I’ll be on the down-slope, and everything will move quickly again.

I hope.

Second coat of paint Painting the new trim.