I spent most of the weekend putting in new garage shelving. I needed more organized space for my garden tools, car parts, and various tools. I did have an existing shelving unit in the garage when we moved in, …but I took it down for more room because it was floor based. However the wood it was made of was awesome; 5 layer thick ply-wood that is used in sub-flooring. So I kept it in the side shed, for future use.

This weekend I got the wood out, ripped it to the desire length, and installed it on my garage walls. I also added extra support for heavy loads by installing 12″ wooden supports. These shelves should be able to handle weights above 250-300 pounds; easy.

All-in-all, it took about 12 hours to complete, even if you include the paint. I just used a cheap white primer – I wanted the shelves to match the drywall, and make the garage uniform.

Me working on the garage shelving Walls before the shelving Day 1, aftermath of Saturday's work Day 2, shelving is done, but needs paint All painted, and the Fiero is back in it's rightful place Painted shelves