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  • Pontiac Fiero 300zx bumper

    Pontiac Fiero 300zx bumper

    Today I decided to change the front bumper on the Fiero. The 300zx bumper, or the “Scarab”, is a rarity. I’ve never seen a Fiero with one installed in Canada; I purchased it via Kijiji. PISA makes the bumper, and the fiberglass work is top…

  • Fiero dash vent

    Fiero dash vent

    I re-used the original grille for the front window vent on the PISA dash. I cut off all the mounting tabs, sandblasted the old paint off, then I put on a fresh coat of black paint to match the rest of the interior. An epoxy…

  • Fiero PISA dash glove box install

    Fiero PISA dash glove box install

    It took a while for me to think about how I was going to mount the glove box door. I found a set of 1″ brass hinges (at Canadian Tire) that were small enough to be hidden, …but big enough to provide support strength. The…