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  • Fiero warehouse camaro lip spoiler

    Fiero warehouse camaro lip spoiler

    Installing this spoiler was pretty straight forward. The instructions were written on it – measurements were made on the deck-lid and a silver sharpie was used to mark the points for drilling. Once everything was lined up, the deck-lid was sanded down to the gel-coat…

  • Fiero dash vent

    Fiero dash vent

    I re-used the original grille for the front window vent on the PISA dash. I cut off all the mounting tabs, sandblasted the old paint off, then I put on a fresh coat of black paint to match the rest of the interior. An epoxy…

  • Revisit the Fiero glove box

    Revisit the Fiero glove box

    The Velcro option was not working well. So I came up with another solution – MAGNETS. I used epoxy to glue a 9″ piece of metal to the glove box door, and I secured 4 magnets to the internal adjuster plate.

  • Dash gap fix

    Dash gap fix

    I decided to fix the dash gap with fiberglass, rather than rely on upholstery to cover up the misalignment. Duct-tape was used to form the shape, and act as a removable barrier. It turned out quite well.