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  • Honda Civic EVAP purge valve fix

    Honda Civic EVAP purge valve fix

    When replacing the EVAP purge valve (valve that re-circulates the gases in the gas tank) the embedded nuts in the canister rust-weld and fall right out – especially for those in a northern climate. To fix this, remove the embedded nuts entirely and go to…

  • How to install a fridge water line

    How to install a fridge water line

    Our fridge has an automatic ice maker and a filtered water dispenser. Having done this before, I wanted to make this install as CLEAN as possible. So the steps involved are: Buy an ice-maker/water-line kit from your local hardware store and pick a spot behind…

  • Fiero seat brackets

    Fiero seat brackets

    I have re-attached the Fiero seat brackets. They are ready to go back in the car after being out almost 3 years!! I also sandblasted the seat bolts – they were a bit too “rusty” for the new interior.

  • Rear speaker covers are installed

    Rear speaker covers are installed

    Since the original tabs were broken on the speaker covers, I came up with a new way of attaching them to the interior “A” pillar piece. Home Depot sells these nylon based nuts and bolts. With a black coat of paint, they fit right in.

  • Fiero ducts are mounted

    Fiero ducts are mounted

    The ducts were secured to the fiberglass dash using something called a Chicago nut/bolt fastener – they are also called barrel nuts/bolts. They have a very low profile, so it won’t interfere with the upholstery or the trim pieces. The couplers I glassed in are…