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  • The Fiero is in the Hi-Tech shop

    The Fiero is in the Hi-Tech shop

    The Fiero is in the Hi-Tech development shop now. Awaiting the make over. List of things that are going to be completed are: 1) Powder-coated Engine Compartment: which involves sand-blasting, epoxy-primer, and rock-guard. 2) Sub-Floor restoration; althought the sub-floor is in great condition, it is…

  • Insurance assessment completed today

    Insurance assessment completed today

    The car went in for an assessment today. My insurance, for some stupid reason, stated that in order for my insurance to continue, I’m required to get an assessment done by an independent insurance firm – apparently it is too “old”. Whatever….. Anyways, these are…

  • Got a new JVC CD deck for the Fiero

    As part of the birthday present to myself, I picked up a JVC deck from Futureshop. Really looks nice, completely black until you turn it on :) Plan to install it in the next week or so, …when I get a chance.

  • I just bought a 1986 Fiero SE!

    I just bought a 1986 Fiero SE!

    What a day! One day after my 21st birthday, I purchased my first Pontiac Fiero. It is a 1986, SE model, with a GT front and the Aero ground effects package. It has 195,000 kms, which seemed bad at first, but the car doesn’t show…