This was over a few weekends, and not just one day.

The rear bumper was stripped down with a grinder, .. a rust converter was applied, and then it was painted with a special rock guard compound.

Everything was put back together, and then I mounted the reverse lights. I need a custom set of reverse lights because I am installing the Ferrari 355 tail lights.

Once I had the reverse lights installed, I needed to cut out the holes for them in the bumper – this was quite easy to do since the bumper is urethane based.

A long, … drawn out process. However it was fun :)

20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_05 20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_08 20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_210 20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_212 20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_216 20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_215 20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_219 20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_218 20090725_fiero_rear_bumper_10