On the lower driver’s side door there was a small rusted out hole. Very weird place to get this, because the rest of the door is in terrific shape. The only thing I can think of that would cause this is accidentally grazing the door with your hand when you apply the parking brake – the constant motion of engaging the lever might have resulted in a small scratch, which would eventually grow into rust.

It is no big problem, and has no effect on structure. However I don’t like covering things up, so I decided to repair it. Also, if you leave the rust spot, you run the risk of it spreading in the future – which means an even bigger repair job.

I used a cut-off disc to cut out the rust spot, and then I used a grinder to expose the bare metal below. I just need to tack weld in a new piece of metal, and paint everything so it is protected.

Rust hole on the Fiero drivers side door Starting to cut it out with the cut-off disc The rust piece is out Everything was ground down to the metal as much as possible