Just bought it today…

…picked it up in Scarborough for $600. It is in O.K. condition. There are many parts that I can salvage off it. Especially interior. The owner had a bunch of left-over interior pieces (dash, pillars, consoles, etc.) which is great; I have a big selection to choose from.

My plan is to strip everything, retain about %75 of the parts, and sell the remaining %25 – and make back my money I spent :)

…but getting this car comes at a cost, half-way home from picking it up, it died on me :(

Everything seemed fine half-way through, …but within 2 seconds the oil pressure and voltage went to zero. Car stalled, and never started up again.

Cost me $90 in towing to get it on my driveway. Pain in the ass, but it is here.

Let the stripping begin :)

1986 Fiero SE being used as a parts car Extra leftover misc interior parts