The Fiero is in the Hi-Tech development shop now. Awaiting the make over.

List of things that are going to be completed are:

1) Powder-coated Engine Compartment: which involves sand-blasting, epoxy-primer, and rock-guard.
2) Sub-Floor restoration; althought the sub-floor is in great condition, it is going to be sand-blasted and rock-guarded to show-quality.
3) The 4 cylinder is being replaced with a 3.4L, and the block is being painted gold to match the car.
4) Brand new KYB shocks all around
5) Brand new factory performance cross-drilled brakes all around.
6) All brake lines are being replaced with custom lines.

My goal is go for a stock-modified. I originally wanted to put a v8 in this thing, however the cost associated with that is unbelievable; if it is done right. Which I wouldn’t have it done any other way…..for safety reasons, and for cosmetic reasons.

After this is done, I plan to rip the entire interior out, and go with a fiberglass Ferrari 355 dash kit, with leather seats, and door trim. Keep watchin’ …

Fiero in the shop Fiero in the shop Fiero tail lights Fiero exhaust tips Fiero deck lid The Iron Duke: a.k.a. the piece of shite