Finished project - upgraded boat dolly

Upgrading the boat dolly

This an update to the boat mover dolly I created in 2014: After some repeated use I discovered that the bicycle tires I free-cycled were not coping well with the combined weight of the dolly and boat. The tires were starting to buckle, and one of them had a slow rim leak. The threaded 1/2″ […]

Building a boat dolly

With the purchase of a Dolphin American 12 Jon boat, I needed a way to transport it to the the river. The solution? Build a boat dolly on wheels. I managed to find a free set of bicycle wheels that someone was parting with – I freshened them up with a coat of paint. I began with […]

Panel is complete

Installing an electrical panel plywood “backer”

The builder didn’t provide anything to mount accessories around the electrical panel. Most builders (obviously not all) give a plywood surface to mount the phone demarcation point and satellite/cable lines. Since organization makes life easier, …a plywood panel needed to be installed. This was a little more involved than just adding a piece of plywood […]