Finished project - upgraded boat dolly

Upgrading the boat dolly

This an update to the boat mover dolly I created in 2014: After some repeated use I discovered that the bicycle tires I free-cycled were not coping well with the combined weight of the dolly and boat. The tires were starting to buckle, and one of them had a slow rim leak. The threaded 1/2″ […]

Worm hole in After Effects

Inspired by the worm hole in the film Interstellar, …I decided to make my own version in After Effects CC 2014. It’s surprisingly easy to do – it’s just a multitude of layers using the lens and bulge effects. This is how the gravitational lensing is achieved – although it’s not scientifically accurate. The working […]

RBK X-Pulse goalie blocker - senior PRO model, NHL spec, Made in Canada

RBK X-Pulse goalie blocker

I purchased this blocker a few weeks ago – it was only used for 30mins by it’s previous owner. It’s a very well made blocker – the quality of material is leather with some weave material. The palm seems very “heavy-duty”, yet it’s very comfortable – more than enough space for someone with big hands. This […]

Koho 570 goalie glove/catcher - senior size, made in canada

Koho 570 goalie glove

I purchased this Koho 570L goalie glove off ebay – as you can see, it was hardly used. If you have big hands, this glove will fit you perfectly – lots of room. Unfortunately you won’t be able to use this catcher if you play in a league that requires NHL spec equipment – this […]