Worm hole in After Effects

Inspired by the worm hole in the film Interstellar, …I decided to make my own version in After Effects CC 2014. It’s surprisingly easy to do – it’s just a multitude of layers using the lens and bulge effects. This is how the gravitational lensing is achieved – although it’s not scientifically accurate. The working […]

Building a boat dolly

With the purchase of a Dolphin American 12 Jon boat, I¬†needed a way to transport it to the the river. The solution? Build a boat dolly on wheels. I managed to find a free set of bicycle wheels that someone was parting with – I freshened them up with a coat of paint. I began¬†with […]

Panel is complete

Installing an electrical panel plywood “backer”

The builder didn’t provide anything to mount accessories around the electrical panel. Most builders (obviously not all) give a plywood surface to mount the phone demarcation point and satellite/cable lines. Since organization makes life easier, …a plywood panel needed to be installed. This was a little more involved than just adding a piece of plywood […]