Finished project - upgraded boat dolly

Upgrading the boat dolly

This an update to the boat mover dolly I created in 2014:

After some repeated use I discovered that the bicycle tires I free-cycled were not coping well with the combined weight of the dolly and boat. The tires were starting to buckle, and one of them had a slow rim leak.

The threaded 1/2″ shaft I used was not sufficient either – it was bending under the weight load, causing the tire to rub against the chassis.

I decided to upgrade the wheels and the shaft. I used wheelbarrow wheels from Princess Auto, along with a 3/4″ iron shaft. I also added a tow mount at the front so it could be moved effortlessly by our lawn tractor.

Total cost for this upgrade was about $120 – most of the money was spent on the tires; even though they were on sale. In Ontario, they charge you a tire recycling tax, …I paid $5 per tire, so that was an extra $15 in expense. Ridiculous!

Below are images of the upgrade, and a video of the finished product.