T-Fitting (T-valve) is just held in place with zip-ties and is accessible for easy shut off (if needed)

How to install a fridge water line

Our fridge has an automatic ice maker and a filtered water dispenser. Having done this before, I wanted to make this install as CLEAN as possible. So the steps involved are:

  1. Buy an ice-maker/water-line kit from your local hardware store and pick a spot behind the fridge to install the line;
  2. Optional – I used a coaxial plate to make the water line have a clean appearance on the wall;
  3. Add a grommet to the coaxial plate to protect the line;
  4. Install the water line into the plate first, then drill the hole in the wall – the area behind the drywall was accessible via the basement (you may need to drill into the floor directly if running in the basement);
  5. Mount the plate – use wall anchors if there is nothing for the screws to grab a hold of;
  6. I used coaxial clips to secure the water line to the floor beams. I also ran the line beside a piece of 1×4 for extra protection;
  7. Unpack the self-piercing saddle valve;
  8. Optional – use a T-valve, or a needle valve, for another emergency shut off option;
  9. Install the self-piercing saddle valve on one of the cold water lines – this will puncture copper or PEX lines (PEX lines are pictured);
  10. Optional – use a bead of silicone to enhance the seal around the puncture to stop any leaks;
  11. Install the T-valve (needle valve) in an accessible area for emergency shut-offs (I just used zip ties to hold it in place); and
  12. Release the valve(s), …wait a few hours, …and enjoy cold water and automatic ice cubes!


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  1. Yes this would be a tub spout. Sorry the reason i relaly don’t cover this is because. there are so many different types, but I will in the future when time alow’s. Some screw right off and some you need and Allen wrench to remove them, some are make for 1/2 inch pipe and some for 3/4, some slip on. I would recommend you take a picture of it with your ceil phone and take in to home depot,. Loews or ace hardware and may be some one there could tell you what type you have.

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