Fiero vacuum leak test

I did a vacuum leak test on the Fiero. This was achieved by starting it up, and holding your finger over the IAC port. The Fiero’s idle went down where it should be (950-1100 rpm) when I held my finger over the port. What does that mean? I have a F@#KING leak somewhere else in […]

Garage shelving

I spent most of the weekend putting in new garage shelving. I needed more organized space for my garden tools, car parts, and various tools. I did have an existing shelving unit in the garage when we moved in, …but I took it down for more room because it was floor based. However the wood […]

Canada Day fireworks

Happy Canada Day! In the tradition of my neighborhood, they have a Canada Day fireworks display followed up by a massive street party. The entire crescent gets shut down, blocks all traffic, and everyone has a great time. I had to take a picture of the finale. It was HUGE! Good times, …great fireworks :)