ALDL data in the Fiero

This is the coolest thing ever. A couple of days ago I received my ALDL cable. This cable allows me to hook up my laptop to the Fiero’s ECM computer and read data. I can see everything in real-time, kph, rpms, speed, etc.; all while driving. Kinda like having your own scan-tool like the dealerships […]

Parking tickets

Ok, …with a title like that, …you KNOW it has rant written all over it. My father in law (one of the nicest men I know) got us free playoff tickets to the Generals game tonight. Unfortunately the Oshawa Generals lost, and were knocked out of the playoffs. Sucks, but it was a good game. […]

Going good so far…

Big night. I removed the front corner panels on both sides and the door skin on the driver’s side. The car is now looking like it has been “stripped”. Also, I’ve noticed that there are two areas (drivers side under the sail panel and the passenger side front) that are bent in on the chassis. […]

Been thinking…

…when I start “thinking” it usually ends up in me spending more money on the Fiero. I really want to upgrade the interior in this thing, and I was looking at Pisa’s Wrap around dash interior. It is wicked, and uses a lot of the parts that I am salvaging off the ’86 parts car.

Working at it…

Still been working at this thing every day. Yesterday I put in about 3 hours worth of work. It has been going good. Maybe 3-4 days left until it is done. Take a look at the pictures. I removed the rear bumper, and the front section is now being removed.